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This compact has been created as part of our school's Single Plan for Student Achievement and with the purpose of establishing a strong relationship between the school and every parent or guardian for the education of every student. The requirements of both the school and the parent or guardian in this educational process, are listed on this compact. 

The following activities are the responsibility of the school in the education of the student: 

  • Delivery of instruction to meet grade level, district, and state standards.
  • Maintain communications with parents including parent/teacher conferences on student's progress. 
  • Provide a safe, positive learning environment for the student while he/she is under the supervision of the school.
  • Provide structure with clearly understood behavior limits for each student.
  • Provide special programs to meet the identified special needs of students. 

The following activities are the responsibility of the parent in the education of the student: 

  • Send your child to school each day on time, rested, fed, and properly clothed to participate. 
  • Develop open communication between the school and home and between the parent and child. 
  • Assisting the education of your student through 
    • Helping with schoolwork as needed.
    • Providing family and community experiences which can enrich a child's life.
    • Reading with your child. 
    • Providing consistency and stability at home.
  • Be knowledgeable about school activities and participate whenever possible.
  • Provide structure for your student with clearly understood behavior limits. 
  • Respect the school and the school day. Make appointments for after school hours and keep interruptions to a minimum. 
  • Send an absence note when your child returns to school, stating the date of the absence and the reason the child was absent. 

The signatures below indicate that my child and I understand the information provided in the Home and School Compact. 


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