Jessica Jauregui

The School Psychologist provides a broad range of psychological services essential to the understanding of the emotional, physical and psychological needs of students. This includes, but not limited to, the application of psychological knowledge to the development of intellectual, emotional, and behavioral competency of pupils through consultation, assessment, counseling, and research. The School Psychologist coordinates and provides a program of psychological services to students in general education and special education programs. Provides consultation across the district related to evaluating students whose primary language is not English. The School Psychologist works closely with all staff, inclusive of general education and special education staff, in a variety of areas of behavioral services. They complete individual student assessments, planning and evaluating programs; coordinating behavioral services, coordinating and evaluating curricular resources and strategies, evaluating effectiveness of programs for individuals with exceptional needs and participating in staff and program development related to the special methods and approaches of providing special education services. The school psychologist provides parents with tools and strategies on how to best support their child.