Grade-Level Content Standards

First Grade

First Grade is an amazing year! You will be astounded as your young child develops into a reader that can make connections with the text. Children in First Grade still need significant support from home and at school to develop responsible habits.

Ways to Support your First Grade Student

  • Read with your child daily. As your child develops skills, take turn reading pages of a favorite book.
  • Have your child read her graded work to you. This is work that has already been covered in class. This gives your child the chance to share new found skills and keeps you informed with what is being taught in class.
  • Talk to your child about what he does at school. Encourage him to speak about one specific topic and give you details. Always encourage the use of complete sentences.
  • Give your child the opportunity to work with money (coins specifically).
  • Talk to your child's teacher regularly.

The State of California has adopted Common Core State Standards for each academic area. These are the standards that each child is expected to achieve to be prepared for second grade. Below are links to the CCSS in each area.

English Language Arts


Social Studies

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)